The Man who waits for Animals - Jan Haft

Jan Haft

A film portrait about a nature film maker: Werner Schüssler joins Jan Haft on his travels and at home to learn more about his secret to success.

Director: Werner Schuessler

WERNER SCHUESSLER graduated at filmschools in Berlin (Staatliche Fachschule für Optik und
Fototechnik) and Los Angeles (American Film Insititute) and worked as DP ever since. After 25 years in the business, PASSION FOR PLANET is his debut as a director, writer and producer.

44 Min.
Director: Werner Schuessler
Script: Werner Schuessler
Cinematography: Werner Schuessler
Editing: Johanna Czakalla (BFS), Petra Hölge
Music: Joerg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller, Patrick Puszko
Narrator: Olaf Baden
Editor: Jan Mudrich, Christine Peters
Producer: ¿are u happy? films
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