Black Tears of the Ocean

More than 6,300 sunken ships from WWII are rusting away on the seafloor, containing up to 15 million tons of oil. Recovering it is possible but would cost billions. The film investigates the issue in the Baltic and off the coasts of Norway and the US.

Director: Christian Heynen

Christian Heynen (born 1973) has an M.A. in theatre, film and television sciences. He has been working as a freelance journalist, author and documentary filmmaker for more than ten years, gaining work experience in Asia, America and Europe.
His focus lies on internationally co-produced documentaries for prime time TV. Several of his productions made for ARD, ARTE, Discovery Channel, MDR, NDR, RBB, WDR, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, 3SAT and other broadcasters have been nominated at film festivals (e.g. Trento Bergfilm Festival).
Aside from filming, he also writes non-fiction books, screenplays and articles for print media (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Rheinische Post, Mare).

52 Min.
Director: Christian Heynen
Script: Christian Heynen
Cinematography: Michael Kern
Editing: Jan Wilm Schmülling
Music: Thomas Wolter
Narrator: Gregor Höppner
Editor: Thomas Kamp (WDR)
Producer: Thomas Weidenbach, Sarah Zierul (Längengrad Filmproduktion)
Nominations: Best Story 2017,
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