Family Wolf

The wolf family – Dangerous Neighbours?

Wolves are spreading in Germany. Some lost their shyness and anxieties arise. A ‘problem wolf’ was shot in lower Saxony. The film monitored a wolf family for several years in the wild to address the question: why do wolves behave so differently? 

Director: Herbert Ostwald

Filmmaker Herbert Ostwald was born 1960 in Berlin (Germany). After studying biology he decided to start journalism. He worked as a radio reporter, as an editor at an daily newspaper and wrote a book about scientific treasure rooms in Berlin. Since 1995 Ostwald creates small and long films almost about the relationship of men, nature, culture and mythology on a national and international level. "I din't want to repeat boring stories about biology of animals. There is more interesting background in relationship between people and animals." So he kept an eye on bizarre and funny stories about men and wildlife. In 1997 Ostwald was participant of the "Wildlife Filmmaking school" in Sweden. 2002 he took part in "Discovery Campus Masterschool" in Europe. For his films he got awards in USA, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Numerous documentaries have been nominated in film competitions all over the world.

Director: Sebastian Koerner

Seit 2003 dokumentiert der Verhaltens-Biologe Sebastian Koerner die Rückkehr der Wölfe nach Deutschland mit der Filmkamera.
Seine Aufnahmen freilebender Wölfe wurden in zahlreichen Dokumentationen und Reportagen gezeigt. 2007 produzierte Sebastian Koerner seinen ersten eigenen Film über die „Wölfe in der Lausitz“. 2012 wurde seine 45-min Dokumentation „Deutschlands wilde Wölfe - Wie sie wirklich sind“ in der traditionsreichen NDR-Reihe „Expeditionen ins Tierreich“ ausgestrahlt.
Für „Familie Wolf - Gefährliche Nachbarn?“ arbeitete Sebastian Koerner das erste Mal mit dem renommierten Naturfilmautor Herbert Ostwald und mit der Längengrad Filmproduktion GmbH zusammen.

45 Min.
Director: Herbert Ostwald, Sebastian Koerner
Author: Sebastian Koerner und Herbert Ostwald
Camera: Sebastian Koerner
Editing: Maximilian Narkovic
Music: Stefan Döring
Speaker: Simon Roden
Editor: Gabriele Conze (WDR)
Producer: Thomas Weidenbach (Längengrad Filmproduktion)
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