Herrscher des Urwalds (100 Jahre Sielmann)

For the first time ever, Heinz Sielmann and his expedition camera team managed to study and film a gorilla family in Belgian Congo. You plunge into the jungle and, all of a sudden, meet a gorilla, 250 kg heavy and 2 meters high, snapping banana trees like matches. Unusual animals like the jungle monitor lizard, the palm fruit vulture or a rhino bird emerge from the forest. The inhabitants of this region are closely related to nature and animals which can be seen in the Pygmiods´ rites. Life in the jungle is an impressive contrast to living conditions in the African savannah.

Director: Henry Brandt

Director: Heinz Sielmann

90 Min.
Director: Henry Brandt, Heinz Sielmann
Cinematography: Paul Grupp, Georg Schimanski, Kurt Neubert, Fernand Tack, Anders Lembcke
Editing: Lewis Linzee
Music: Richard Cornu
Narrator: Kurt Joachim Fischer
Producer: Henry Storck