Islands in Time: A Wildlife Odyssey (1)

Born of Fire

The destructive forces of colliding contintents have forged a realm of unequalled natural diversity and beauty - the islands of Southeast Asia. Climbing kangaroos and chicks hatching from ashes are only a few of the bizarre creatures found here.

Director: Matt Hamilton

Director: Paul Reddish

Television Producer and Director Author and Scriptwriter
Teacher, Naturalist, Ornithologist and Piscator

Paul joined the BBC from Edinburgh University in 1981 as a TV researcher. He then worked his way up to Series Producer. On the way he produced and directed films on wildlife and anthropology. In 1997 Paul left the BBC to set up his own company, Free Spirit Films. The company specialises in subjects with a natural history, science or anthropology slant, bringing fresh ideas to these genres.
Paul has produced, directed and written scripts for over 25 films. These include many award winning programmes. He has worked with Sir David Attenborough on several occasions. As well as producing individual shows, Paul has been in charge of 3 multi-million pound series. He is the author of ‘Spirits of the Jaguar, has been teaching at the University of Salford and holds a professorship in Cuba and in Argentina.

50 Min.
Director: Matt Hamilton, Paul Reddish
Script: Matt Hamilton, Paul Reddish
Cinematography: James Aldred, Ralph Bower, Paul Stewart, Tim Shepherd, Simon Enderby, Doug Allan
Editing: Martin Elsbury, Christian Stoppacher
Music: Al Lethbridge
Narrator: Franz Robert Wagner
Editor: Terra Mater Factual Studios
Producer: Eine Produktion der Terra Mater Factual Studios in Koproduktion mit Doclights/NDR Naturfilm and National Geographic Channel
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