Ranger and Leopard

The ranger ‘Halvani' hears about the presence of a Persian Leopard in his area in Isfahan. But nobody has spotted a Persian Leopard there for about forty years. 'Halvani' suspects that there are traces of Persian Leopard. But he faces lots of problems.

With english subtitles

Director: Nima Asgari

Nima Asgari - Born in 1982, Iran

Wildlife DOP & Director
* B.A in Biology at Environment University of Tehran
1- Aroos-e Bookan/Director (2016)
2- Ranger and Leopard/Co-director (2017)
3- Hubara/Director (2019)
4- In Search for the Persian Leopard/DOP (2012)
5- Life in Desert/DOP (2014)
6- Extinction Vortex/DOP (2018)
7- Tanhavash/DOP (2016)
8- In the Realm of the Spider-tailed Viper/DOP (2018

Director: Fathollah Amiri

Born in 1981, Iran
Producer & Director

* M.A in Broadcasting Production from IRIB’s University
* Member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association
* Member of the Iranian Documentary Producers Association

53 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Nima Asgari, Fathollah Amiri
Script: Fathollah Amiri
Cinematography: Nima Asgari
Editing: Mostafa Gandomkar
Music: Babak Mirzakhani
Producer: Fathollah Amiri
Awards: Best Independent Production 2018
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2018
Website URL: www.wildlifepictures.ir