360° GEO Report Vietnam, the last Pangolins

Very little is known about the pangolin, the scaly anteater. It is said to be the most heavily poached mammal in the world. Over the past decade more than a million have been killed for their scales used for traditional medicine in China and Vietnam.

Director: Therese Engels

*AHS Matura Khevenhüllerschule Linz (A), 1991
*Studium der Sozialarbeit und Sozialpädagogik in Linz (A) und Berlin (D) 1991-1994
*Aufenthalt in NY/USA, Studium (American Film and Literature), College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale 1995
Seit 1997 als Fernsehjournalistin in Berlin und Wien tätig

52 Min.
Director: Therese Engels
Script: Therese Engels
Cinematography: Oliver Gurr
Editing: Nicole Fischer
Music: Thomas Wegmann
Narrator: Dietmar Wunder
Editor: Antoinette Koering ( Arte)
Producer: Theo Baltz (Medienkontor)
Website URL: www.medienkontor.de