Adventures of the American Pika

The Adventures of the American Pika is a wildlife film about the American Pikas (Ochotona princeps). This film takes us on a journey that explores the lives and adventures of three pikas. Our journey explores three unique pika habitats. We've explored numerous American pika colonies and individual pika territories - from Montana and Wyoming to Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. We've observed and filmed the collared pika (Ochotona collaris) in Alaska.

Director: Jere Folgert

Director, writer, producer Jere Folgert, born Wisconsin, United States, February 1965, began his career in Mapping, Cartograhy and Computer Programming in 1988. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh, UK, with a Masters of Science Degree. In 2015, after the loss of two family members, Jere Folgert made a transition to photography and film making, where he is one of a small group of American wildlife filmers who spends a significant amount of time in the wilderness, observing and filming wild animals.

United States
50 Min.
Director: Jere Folgert
Script: Jere Folgert
Cinematography: Jere Folgert
Editing: Jere Folgert
Music: See Rolling Credits
Narrator: Jere Folgert
Editor: Folgert Studio, LLC
Producer: Folgert Studio, LLC
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