Araucaria Araucana

The tree of a people

In the Southern Andes,a thousand year old tree, the Araucaria Araucana survives for 200 million years. It’s story is little known and forever linked to an Amerindian people of Chile: the Pehuenches. This isolated community has survived for centuries thanks to the Araucaria. But the perfect harmony between man and nature will soon be disturbed by invasion of the Spanish settlers, territorial conflicts, logging and the fires. With english Subtitles

Director: Santiago Serrano

Director: Rémi Rappe

52 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Santiago Serrano, Rémi Rappe
Cinematography: Rémi Rappe, Santiago Serrano, Mathieu Le Mau
Editing: Rémi Rappe, Santiago Serrano, Tristan Guerlotté
Music: Raphaël Bernabeu Garcia
Producer: Grenouilles Productions, Chacapa Studio, Ushuaïa TV
Nominations: Best Score 2018