Fish Owl wanted

While the world is still asleep, Blakiston's fish owl is already hunting in the first beams of the awakening sun. This rarest bird dwells in the most remote corners of the Ussuriysk taiga. We have taken up the challenge to spot this secretive owl.

Film with english subtitles

Director: Ilya Tsyganov

Ilya Tsyganov was born in Moscow. Earned two Masters in film and TV studies. Since 2000 began his TV career. Like the majority of journalism school students, experienced in almost every TV profession. From 2000 to 2007 worked as a cameraman, director’s assistant, picture editor, reporter, anchor, producer, author, designer and director. Winner of various TV awards, such as TEFI, Golden Beam, MediaBrand, Golden Paramount, and others. Since 2015 – Chief Director of Living Planet TV Channel.

52 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Ilya Tsyganov
Script: Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Artem Kolyshnitsyn, Evgeniy Rylov
Cinematography: Anatoliy Ryzhov, Maxim Podosinnikov, Yuri Berezhnev, Semen Amanatov
Editing: Alexey Tikhomirov, Igor Levin
Music: Moisey Kobyakov
Producer: Maria Korchagina, Ekaterina Fedorova (TV Port)
Nominations: Best Story 2018