Jäger der Lüfte - Habicht, Bussard, Adler

Birds of prey fascinate with their unique sensory achievements, their amazing flying skills and their diverse hunting strategies. Hawk, buzzard and eagle are hunters. The documentary provides spectacular insights into the world of birds of prey.

Director: Jürgen Eichinger

Jürgen Eichinger was born in Rotthalmünster (Lkr. Passau). He has a diploma in geography and started making short-films while he was at university. He attended the academy for television and film for four years as a guest-student. In 1985 he made his first TV film: "Angst" (14'). He has his own production company for industrial and promotional films. He is working as a freelance author and director for the BR since 1989 with the emphasis on culture and nature. He was a member of the jury at several film festivals, leads seminars about camera and dramaturgy and won over 30 awards and distinctions

Germany Norway Austria Spain Slovakia Hungary
43 Min.
Director: Jürgen Eichinger
Script: Jürgen Eichinger
Cinematography: Jürgen Eichinger
Editing: Chris von Lüpke
Music: Jürgen Otto
Narrator: Christian Baumann, Heiko Ruprecht
Editor: Ulrike Lovett, BR und Katja Ferwagner; BR-ARTE
Producer: Jürgen Eichinger Film