The Hollow Heart

This is the incredible story of a tree that has been around for Eight hundred years… that can withstand the harshest conditions… and that is more loved by insects, birds and animals than any other… the enormous Baobab. Rooted on the savannah of Malilangwe Game Reserve in southern Zimbabwe.

As summer draws to a close, the tree starts producing his velvety fruit. The Vitamin C rich fruit is one of the most nutrient rich food sources in Malilangwe.

Director: Barend van der Watt

South Africa
48 Min.
Director: Barend van der Watt
Script: Henk Ekermans
Cinematography: Barend van der Watt & Henk Ekermans
Editing: Henk Ekermans
Music: Antoni Schonken
Narrator: Fiona Ramsay
Editor: BlueAnt Media Solutions
Producer: Rooted Media
Nominations: Best Story 2018