Aging in the Wild

Aging in the Wild features species that illustrate all spheres of aging: longevity, reproductive health, social status and wisdom. The strong leadership and experience of older animals help with the survival of their species, and this wisdom is often passed from one generation to another. Aging in the Wild offers an unprecedented look at the golden age in the animal kingdom. Discover fascinating species and meet the passionate specialists who bring us into the life of these animals.

Director: Ari A. Cohen

Ari A. Cohen is the President and founder of Rotating Planet Productions and is the Vice-President of DOC Quebec. Moroccan born Ari holds a Graduate Degree from Concordia University in Arts Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. For 20 years Ari has created, produced and directed numerous award-winning documentaries, TV series and music videos.

50 Min.
Director: Ari A. Cohen
Script: Ari A. Cohen, Sophie Tessier, Lesley Evans Ogden
Cinematography: Dany Lavoie, Matthew Hood
Editing: Alain Belhumeur, Abraham Lifshitz
Music: Osama Shalabi
Producer: Rotating Planet Productions
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