Ausgebrummt - Insektensterben in Deutschland

In Germany, the total number of insects has fallen dramatically triggering a chain reaction: birds are threatened because of lack of food. Counts in one region show that the bio mass of insects has decreased by 80 per cent in the past 15 years.

Director: Andreas Ewels

Andreas Ewels was born in 1969 in Münster. After an apprenticeship and studies he worked for the WDR, Stern TV, Focus TV, ZDF and ARD. The journalist produced over 200 documentaries in 18 years for TV dealing mostly with nature and environmental issues.

Director: Norbert Porta

Norbert Porta fand erst spät zum Naturfilm. Zuvor absolvierte er eine Lehre zum Chemielaborant und ein Studium der Informatik. 2002 gründete er seine Filmproduktion Norbert Porta Sciencedocu. Seitdem drehte er zahlreiche Industrie-, Museums- und naturwissenschaftliche Kurzfilme.

Germany Romania China
28 Min.
Director: Andreas Ewels, Norbert Porta
Script: Andreas Ewels, Norbert Porta
Cinematography: Aris Bibudis, Robin Jähne, Norbert Porta
Editing: Andreas Ewels, Norbert Porta
Music: Rüdiger Gleisberg
Narrator: Jo Jung
Editor: Volker Angres, ZDF
Producer: Norbert Porta Sciencedocu
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