Little Auks through the ages

In Arctic, an interdisciplinary team has been working at a spectacular East Greenland site for the past 12 years. The researchers focused on little auks, a tiny seabird which forage by the million in the Greenland Sea. Using miniature electronic trackers, they follow the birds amongst sea-ice and glaciers, where animals face rising temperatures and pollutant levels. To better understand ecological dynamics, the scientists reconstruct their presence over the last millennia.

Director: Aurélien Prudor

14 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Aurélien Prudor
Author: Aurélien Prudor
Camera: Aurélien Prudor
Editing: Aurélien Prudor
Music: Anthony Touzalin
Speaker: Rory Wilson
Producer: Co-production CEFE & LIENs
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2018