Monkey Menace

Monkey Menace explores the escalating conflict that exists between Delhi’s Rhesus Macaques and citizens; with all the metaphors that this symbolises. Douglas's keen observational camerawork shows what it’s like to be a Rhesus Macaque living in one of the most polluted and populous megacities in the world. India's first female primatologist Dr. Iqbal Malik has battled against the government for 30 years for the better welfare of monkeys. Her quest uncovers dark dealings that'll shock India and the world.

Director: Javier Douglas

I graduated in law and subsequently re-trained in Radio Production & Print Journalism at BBC Sussex in Brighton. I started off as a freelance radio producer and taught myself camera skills in my spare time.
Monkey Menace is my first feature documentary and the filming took place over 6 years. It was the first time that I filmed wildlife and capturing Rhesus Macaque behaviour in Delhi has been the most exciting and challenging experience.

United Kingdom India
52 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Javier Douglas
Script: Javier Douglas
Cinematography: Javier Douglas
Editing: Mark Atkins
Music: Claire Batchelor
Producer: Wild Thing Films Ltd
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2019
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