The Wild Way of the Vikings

It follows the Vikings’ footsteps from the Norwegian Coast to Newfoundland, visiting each of the magical islands of ‘Fire and Ice’ on the way: the Shetlands, the Faroes, Greenland and Iceland. In summer, pilot whales appear in huge numbers in Faroese waters. On Iceland the dominant hunters aren’t humans but wily arctic foxes. Finally reaching the well-wooded shores of Newfoundland, the camera dives beneath the surface to watch the humpbacks as they breach and roll in pure exuberance.

Director: Nigel Pope

Nigel is a well-known producer of Natural History Programmes, winner of BAFTA and Wildscreen Panda awards and internationally renowned as the Creator of Big Cat Diary, Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart and Hebrides – Islands on the Edge. He’s well known for outstanding visual imagery combined with powerful storytelling and intense dramatic narratives.

Director: Jackie Savery

United Kingdom
43 Min.
Director: Nigel Pope, Jackie Savery
Script: Nigel Pope und Jackie Savery
Cinematography: Asgeir Helgestad, Justin Purefoy, Fergus Gill, Neil Anderson, Raymond Besant, Peder Jacobsson, Jeff Turner, Peter Barden, John Waters
Editing: Nick Carline
Music: Fraser Purdie
Editor: For THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS LLC: Fred Kaufman, Janet Hess, Bill Murphy / For France Televisions : Coraline Roch, Thierry Mino / For ORF: Andrew Solomon
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2019,
Nordic Nature Film Award 2019