WILDLIFE: Survival Instincts Iguana vs. Basilisk

The rainforests of Costa Rica in Central America is full of life, where over 70 species of lizards thrive. The 80-centimeter basilisk is a ferocious predator, while the iguana is herbivorous and can grow to be 2 meters. The episode features the basilisk's ability to run across water, as well as how newly hatched iguanas live as a group to survive.

Director: Yuki Tadokoro

50 Min.
Director: Yuki Tadokoro
Cinematography: Ken Tsukakoshi
Editing: Takako Sugiyama, Mike Kelly
Music: Yukiyo Nakamura, AUDIO NETWORK
Narrator: Peter Venn
Producer: NHK in Association with NHK ENTERPRISES in Cooperation with Off the Fence
Website URL: https://pf.nhk-ep.co.jp/detail/2175