360° GEO Report: Arapaima, the largest Fish of the Amazonas

At the start of the fishing season, Brazilian fishermen set off in their rickety canoes to hunt the Arapaima, South America’s largest freshwater fish locally known as Pirarucú. GEO joined them on their quest.

Director: Dietrich von Richthofen

52 Min.
Director: Dietrich von Richthofen
Script: Dietrich von Richthofen
Cinematography: Bernhard Rübe
Editing: Bernhard Rübe, Dietrich von Richthofen
Music: Markus Wegmann
Narrator: Dietmar Wunder
Editor: Antoinette Koering ( Arte)
Producer: Theo Baltz (Medienkontor)
Website URL: www.medienkontor.de