The official story of the Plastic Pirates

We are living in the age of plastic: plastic is everywhere. Fresh waters are not an exception: the Tisza river is one of Europe’s most heavily polluted rivers. In 2013 a NGO launched a funny boat race named as the PLASTIC Cup. The idea was simple: building plastic bottle boats from the garbage itself then getting onboard and collecting plastic from the river. The initiative grew into an international environmental campaign. Our documentary tells the story of the first 5 years.

Director: David Attila Molnar

- 2007 – Lulu, the Mum (siecntific documentary, 30’), director
- 2007 – Lilliputan Mimicri (wildlife, 2x30’), camerman, director
- 2006 – Budapest Wild (wildlife, 52’), script writer, director’s assistant
- 2005-2006 – 10 PARKS (natural history doc., 10 x 50’) underwater cameraman
- 2005 – Wolfwatching (scientific documentary, 52’), director, cameraman
- 2004 – Freshwater Treasures of the Carpathian Basin (wildlife, 30’), director, cameraman
- 2004 – The Lost Box (wildlife, 7’), camerman, director

52 Min.
Director: David Attila Molnar
Script: Attila David Molnar
Cinematography: Balazs Tisza, Zsolt Marcell Toth
Editing: Kornel Lukacsi
Music: Zsolt Tamas
Narrator: Nick Thorpe
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