Sand of Time

Everybody's time is running, like sand in a hourglass. Most of us will fight against time when sand is running out. During this film we will follow the last struggles of an ant whose time seems coming to an end. Will he survive against the mighty jaws of the antlion?

Zum Kurzfilmprogramm

Director: Tim Visser

With an adventurous creative spirit, Tim (1987) has always wondered about the environment around him. His passions are nature, art and science. During his studies in media design, film-art and media management he started to get interested in wildlife filmmaking. In his wildlife filmmaking career he specialized in visual storytelling with a wide range of (self-build) techniques. His work has been seen in numerous feature films and television programs. He has also produced short films which have been shown at international film festivals.
Growing up in the highly densely populated country The Netherlands, Tim has always been interested in the friction between man and nature. This topic forms one of the biggest inspirations for him to develop video concepts. He is able to do this with his company Jester&Wylde he founded in 2021 with Sander van Iersel. They produce nature and science documentaries.

3 Min.
Director: Tim Visser
Script: Tim Visser
Cinematography: Tim Visser
Editing: Tim Visser
Music: michiel wesselink
Narrator: -
Editor: -
Producer: Wild Step
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2019
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