Das große Insektensterben

75 per cent of insects disappeared in the past 30 years. Many species are considered extinct. Scientists call it the sixth largest extinction of species on our planet. They are worried because this extension is an anthropogenic problem.

Director: Torsten Mehltretter

Born in 1967 in Mölln

1988-1991 studied Science of administration in Cologne and Lubeck majoring as public administration specialist
1994-1999 editor at 'Spiegel TV Magazin'
2001-2002 managing editor 'Max TV'
Since 2002 editor/managing editor for third party and commissioned content at 'Spiegel TV' with numerous reportages and documentation for VOX, Sat1 and ZDF tv stations.

Germany France United States
52 Min.
Director: Torsten Mehltretter
Author: Torsten Mehltretter
Camera: Steve Kfoury
Editing: Katrin Dücker-Eckloff
Music: Diverse
Speaker: Christine Hegeler
Editor: Marit Hübinger Arte
Producer: Petra Mehltretter, Mehltretter Media Gmbh
Website URL: http://www.mehltrettermedia.de