Insect Guardian

Butterfly paradise

82 year old Willem bought an remote potato farmfield back in 1980 and transformed it into a butterfly paradise. For almost 40 years he works the land with shovel and scythe in order to preserve the butterflies. Willem's paradise has become one of the most important habitats in the region for these fluttering beauties.

But Willem has a problem. Due to an overload of nitrogen in the air, Willem’s flower rich butterfly paradise gets slowly driven away by a monoculture of grass.

Zum Kurzfilmprogramm

Director: Tim Visser

Tim Visser is a broadly oriented creative person. By passion for nature, filming and concept developing he has become one of the main wildlife filmmakers in The Netherlands. Tim films for Dutch wildlife television series such as BNNVARA Vroege Vogels and cinema films such as WAD. He also produces his own films such as Insect Guardians and Sand of which have been selected for several wildlife and mountain filmfestivals. Tim's sees his biggest strength as an filmmaker in creating visually beautiful stories with the right emotional vibe.

6 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Tim Visser
Script: Tim Visser
Cinematography: Tim Visser & Sander van Iersel
Editing: Tim Visser & Sander van Iersel
Music: Stock music
Narrator: Willem van Hemme
Editor: -
Producer: Wild Step
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2019
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