Saving Planet Earth: Fixing a Hole

The remarkable story of the hole in the ozone layer - and how we fixed it.

We faced a catastrophic, man-made threat to the planet’s environment, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher- of all people- took action. Today, the ozone hole shows signs of recovery. Had we not acted, humans might have had to become a nocturnal species. As climate change begins to feel like an impossible challenge, this story- told by the folks who persuaded Maggie and Ronnie to regulate industry- offers a message of hope

Director: Jamie Lochhead

Jamie is an executive producer, director and writer with a reputation for innovative filmmaking and multiplatform production. His projects have won numerous acollades, including BAFTA and RTS awards. He's based in Edinburgh, regularly works in London and has an IVISA for trips across the pond. He has a first class honours degree in Physics with the Philosophy of Science from King's College London.

United Kingdom
60 Min.
Director: Jamie Lochhead
Script: Jamie Lochhead
Editing: Justin Badger
Editor: Channel 4 & PBS
Producer: David Dugan
Awards: Best Science Film 2019
Nominations: Best Science Film 2019