Anna und die wilden Tiere: Die Graugans und ihre Gössel

Dieser Film wird am Sonntag, 13.09.2020 hier online präsentiert.

Greylag geese are considered the parent form of our domestic goose and are very intelligent, sociable and familiar. Together with geologist Dido, Anna spends a day at the Konrad-Lorenz-Research Centre in Grünau, Austria: They count the goslings, the so-called goslings, trudge in waders to breeding huts, feed the geese, attach new identification rings to them and collect their droppings for the laboratory. Under the microscope, it turns out that a relaxed goose mum also has a good digestion.

Director: Ben Wolter

21 Min.
Director: Ben Wolter
Script: Ben Wolter
Cinematography: Axel Petrovan
Editing: Christoph Heimerl
Music: Harald Reitinger & Uli Fischer
Narrator: Annika Preil
Editor: Dr. Stefanie Baumann (BR)
Producer: Dr. Angelika Sigl
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