Auf der Suche nach dem fairen Gold

Dieser Film wird als Deutschland-Premiere am Freitag, 18.09.2020 hier online präsentiert.

With bare hammers they break chunks of rock. Every year, 727 tons of mercury are released worldwide through gold mining in informal mines, making gold production the biggest mercury polluter. And all for the shimmering symbol of wealth: gold. The report accompanies the renowned Hamburg goldsmith Jan Spille, who has been committed to fair and ecological gold mining for many years, as he visits the first Fairtrade certified mines in Kenya and Uganda.

Director: Katja Becker

Germany Uganda Kenya
26 Min.
Director: Katja Becker
Script: Jonathan Happ und Katja Becker
Cinematography: Jonathan Happ
Editing: Jonathan Happ
Narrator: Thomas Ney