Das verborgene Leben der Bonobos

Bonobos are our closest relatives. Although they look very similar to chimpanzees, they are all the more different in their social behaviour: While chimpanzees war against foreign conspecifics, bonobos cultivate a peaceful welcome culture. In their inner-species bonobos do not practice the aggressive right of the strongest, but a matriarchy in which conflicts are compensated for by an excessive sexual life.

Director: Markus Schmidbauer

Markus Schmidbauer was born in Vilseck in 1966. Following his Abitur in 1986, he studied biology in Regensburg from 1987 - 1993. Since 1997, he has worked as a freelance biologist. Since 200, he has also worked for Bavarian Television and since 2001 for Wildlife documentaries in TV channels, such as BR, ARD and Arte.

43 Min.
Director: Markus Schmidbauer
Script: Markus Schmidbauer
Cinematography: Paul Hien
Editing: Chris von Lüpke
Music: Andrea Lässig
Narrator: Andreas Neumann, Nina Breiter
Editor: Jana Mudrich (BR), Katja Ferwagner (arte)
Producer: Bayerischer Rundfunk in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE