Gaby und ihre Wüstenwächter

Gaby and her desert guardians Near the Botswana border, the parrots spend the whole day looking for food. Insects, lizards, roots ... everything is eaten. But the treat is the scorpion! The parrot animals are immune to the scorpion's poison, but the bites remain painful.

Director: Suzy Sommer

I was born in France and have been living in Luxembourg since 1984. I started filming a good 15 years ago, assemble my videos with EDIUS, write the texts myself and use GEMA-free music. Friends help with the German version of my films. My short films have been shown at different festivals for non-professional films in France, England, Belgium and Germany.

5 Min.
Director: Suzy Sommer
Script: Suzy SOMMER
Cinematography: Suzy SOMMER
Editing: Suzy SOMMER
Narrator: Nadja Wilrose
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2020