GEO Reportage Kapverden - zwei Hunde als Schildkrötenretter

The beaches of the Cape Verde Islands are among the most important nesting places for sea turtles worldwide. Thousands of female turtles lay their eggs here every year, from which millions of turtle babies hatch. Brutal poaching endangers this idyll.

Director: Markus Schmidbauer

Markus Schmidbauer was born in Vilseck in 1966. Following his Abitur in 1986, he studied biology in Regensburg from 1987 - 1993. Since 1997, he has worked as a freelance biologist. Since 200, he has also worked for Bavarian Television and since 2001 for Wildlife documentaries in TV channels, such as BR, ARD and Arte.

Cape Verde Germany
52 Min.
Director: Markus Schmidbauer
Script: Markus Schmidbauer
Cinematography: Paul Hien
Editing: Oliver Walz
Music: Markus Wegmann
Narrator: Dietmar Wunder
Editor: Viviane Schmidt-Gaster (Medienkontor Movie GmbH)/ Antoinette Koering (Arte)
Producer: Kerstin Walz/ Susann Levenig (Medienkontor Movie GmbH)/ (Arte)
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