Genesis 2.0

Mammutjäger in Sibirien

The film documents the dangerous everyday life of the collectors of mammoth tusks, who meet every year on the remote archipelago of New Siberian Islands and have to dig through the melting permafrost in their search. At the same time, he portrays pioneers and cloning researchers who are moving at the new frontier of the possible and want to bring the long extinct woolly mammoth back to life from the shock-frozen genetic material. The cinematic journey leads from the archaic landscape of the islands to a mammoth museum in Yakutsk, to meetings of young scientists in Boston, to a commercial cloning company in South Korea and to a gene database in China.

Director: Christian Frei

113 Min.
Director: Christian Frei
Script: Christian Frei
Editor: Martin Pieper (ZDF/ARTE)
Producer: Christian Frei Filmproductions GmbH