God has already gone ahead

The Egyptian geese marches through the ages: From the bird´s perspective, a centuries-long settlement history is told. While the water level in the pond continues to fall, the inhabitants have the water up the neck. In the end, nothing stays as it was

Director: Peter Böving

Peter Böving, born in Mülheim / Ruhr, trained carpenter, has lived in Thuringia since 2001. Freelance musician, filmmaker, composer and producer in the field of film, theater and audio book since the mid-1980s.
With the founding of the Klötzchenkino (2010), he continuously conquered the world of animated film as an independent filmmaker (with over 30 international film awards to date).

10 Min.
SUB: German SUB: English SUB: Spanish
Director: Peter Böving
Script: Peter Böving
Cinematography: Peter Böving, Bastian von der Linde
Editing: Peter Böving
Music: Anna Depenbusch, Bobo & Herzfeld
Narrator: Reiner Schöne
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2020
Website URL: http://www.kloetzchenkino.de/2018/08/15/gottistschonweg-2/