Sounds of Nature - The Mystery of the Invisible Fish

Have you ever heard the scream of a caterpillar? Did you know that fishes talk or that elephants can hear with their feet?

Since the dawn of time, animals communicate in thousands of ways. But when it comes to reproduction, intimidation or seduction, acoustic communication is still the safest and the fastest way to interact with the environment… The scientific community is interested in this field, as it can hide some potential discoveries. A specific research field is born:


Director: Jacques Mitsch

52 Min.
Director: Jacques Mitsch
Script: Thomas Escudier, Jacques Mitsch, Gilles Pedoussaut
Cinematography: Hervé Glabeck, Thomas Escudier
Editing: Gilles Pedoussaut
Music: Gilles Carles
Producer: Stéphane Millière, Laurence Favreau
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2020
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