The blob, a genius without a brain

Neither animal, nor plant, the blob is a giant single cell whose amazing capacities are leading pioneer scientists to the very new world of brainless intelligence.

Blending science fiction, the beauty of nature, humor and cutting-edge science, director Jacques Mitsch takes us on a trip exploring this most surprising organism, following top international experts from Europe, Japan and the US through their major discoveries, and offering a mind-blowing experience into the very roots of cognition.

Director: Jacques Mitsch

52 Min.
Director: Jacques Mitsch
Script: Jacques Mitsch, Laurent Mizrahi
Cinematography: Mathias Touzeris
Editing: Gilles Pédoussaut
Music: Valentine Mitsch
Narrator: Paul Bandey
Producer: Hauteville Productions (Karina SI AHMED, Guillaume ALLARY, Vivien MELTZ), ARTE France, CNRS Images
Nominations: Best Science Film 2020