45 Min - Unsere Bienen

Rettung in Sicht?

Bee researcher Torben Schiffer is looking for the reasons for the susceptibility of honey bees in Germany. His aim is to preserve the bee colonies for the future. His findings: It is the beekeepers, i.e. the people who are dedicated to the bees, who are partly responsible for the susceptibility of the bees. He has made a lot of enemies with that. The documentation shows which new approaches to solving this problem exist and asks what consequences they have for all of us.

Director: Tim Oliver Boehme

Born 1966 in Flensburg, producer, director and cameraman Tim Oliver Boehme moved to the US at the age of 10 when his mother decided to emigrate to the US with him and his younger brother. After finishing school he studied ‘Broadcast Production’ at the University of Wisconsin. Having travelled the world ‘romance’ prompted him to return to Europe in 1992. He became a filmmaker dedicated to social and ecological matters. A father of two sons, he and his wife now live in a village close to Kiel.

44 Min.
Director: Tim Oliver Boehme
Author: Tim Boehme
Camera: Tim Boehme
Editing: Omar Sultan
Speaker: Constantin von Westphalen
Editor: Sabine Reifenberg (NDR)