Apokalypse Abfall – Deutscher Müll für die Welt

The film asks a simple question: What happens to my trash? It sets out to explore the global waste trade, it connects the dots and shows the audience the astonishing ways of their waste - and as such nothing less than globalization itself.

Director: Anne Breer

My name is Anne Breer. I work as a freelance film author for long formats for public broadcasters. This includes the development and conception of non-fictional formats as well as the realisation of reports and documentaries. My main focus is on economics and politics as well as culture and portraits.

Director: Yasemin Ergin

Yasemin Ergin was born in Lübeck in 1977. She studied Political Science and American Studies in Hamburg and Northampton and then completed a traineeship at the NDR (North German Broadcasting). Since then, she has been working as a permanent freelance author in the NDR's Culture and Documentation Department and has produced contributions for the programme titles thesen temperamente, KulturjournalundARTE Metropolis. In addition, she produces documentaries for ZDFinfo on behalf of various production companies and writes as a print journalist for the FAZ.

58 Min.
Director: Anne Breer, Yasemin Ergin
Script: Anne Breer, Yasemin Ergin
Cinematography: Roland Breitschuh, Jasper Engel, Christian Gruber, Bernd Hermes, Martin Kobold, Li Xizhe
Editing: Imke Koseck
Narrator: Jessica-Virginia Mouffok
Editor: Imke Meier (ZDFinfo)
Producer: Thorsten Eppert, Adrian Stangell (Nordend Film)