At the far end of the Alaskan peninsula, for filmmaker Roman Droux a childhood dream comes true. He discovers together with the bear researcher David Bittner the universe of wild grizzlies.

Director: Roman Droux

Born in Bern in 1976, grew up in Emmental. Teaching seminar and studies in geography completed. Since then he has been living and working as a writer-producer in Bern. 2010 Foundation of memox GmbH.

91 Min.
SUB: German SUB: English SUB: French
Director: Roman Droux
Script: Roman Droux
Cinematography: Roman Droux, David Bittner
Editing: Roman Droux
Music: Bänz Isler, Sandra Stadler
Narrator: Marcus Signer
Producer: memox
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2020
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