Mountains in the Sea

Flying Pigs and spectacular mass-combats of mouflons – Corsica´s animals are quite special. Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Med! Its peaks are covered with snow until summer – a harsh habitat where new sub-species and new behaviors abound.

Director: Michael Riegler

Director: Heike Grebe

Heike Grebe, born 1986 in Winterberg, Germany
· 2006 - 2009 studied Media Communication & Journalism at the "Fachhochschule des Mittelstands", a university of applied sciences in Bielefeld
· subsequently, traineeship as a video journalist at mü
· as of 2011 producer and author for BLUE PLANET FILM

From childhood on, Heike Grebe wanted to become a journalist. Various internships during her journalism studies at CNN, RTL and other TV stations paved her way to television. Doing day-to-day business in the newsroom at mü, she learned her trade as a news editor as well as handling the camera and cutting footage.
For years, Heike has been gripped by a profound enthusiasm for Africa. After graduating in October 2009, she spent six months doing voluntary services in Tanzania in order to get acquainted with its culture. Her first book "Heike in Afrika" originated from this experience.
Her love and fascination for the people, wildlife and landscapes of Africa is unbroken. BLUE PLANET FILM allowed Heike Grebe to pursue her passion in her position as producer for the project "Kongo", while also acting as author and cinematographer for the making-of. In her current project, a three-part series about South Africa, Heike is in charge of both script and directing in several chapters of a real nature documentary for the first time.

Germany France Austria
50 Min.
Director: Michael Riegler, Heike Grebe
Script: Heike Grebe
Cinematography: Michael Riegler und Matthias Glück
Editing: Mirco Tribanek
Music: Siggi Müller und Jörg-Magnus Pfeil
Narrator: Monika Müksch
Editor: Birgit Peters, ORF
Producer: Flying Pangolin Film