Das Vermächtnis

What traces do we leave behind after death?

Climate change, species extinction, environmental pollution - the last decades have unmistakably shown that the earth is at its limit. And some people wonder if this is what they want to bequeath to future generations.

This film is the legacy of such a person. After being diagnosed with cancer, a man faces the end of his life. And he decides to invest his saved money in a project dedicated to these issues. A film that takes stock of how we humans deal with the environment and nature. A film that should be made accessible to as many people as possible, free of charge and without regard to quotas.

On his behalf, animal filmmaker Jens Klingebiel is on his way to get a picture of the situation. On his travels he discovers encouraging and shocking things. Humanity is now facing one of its greatest challenges. Which direction will it take?

Director: Jens Klingebiel

Jens Klingebiel (*1971) works as a wildlife cameraman since 2010. He has been involved in contributions to ZDF Planet e and TV documentaries such as "An den Ufern der Lippe" (Marquardt Medienproduktion) and "Kleiderordnung" (Text und Bild Medienproduktion). In 2019 he was chief cameraman of the film "Moldova - the Golden River". (text and image media production). With his own production "Cranes - Jewels of the Coast" he was on Greenscreen in 2019.

34 Min.
Director: Jens Klingebiel
Script: Jens Klingebiel
Cinematography: Jens Klingebiel
Editing: Jens Klingebiel
Narrator: Jens Klingebiel
Producer: Annette Scheurich / Mi-Yong Brehm (Marco Polo AG)