Die Rückkehr der Biber

The return of the beaver is one of the greatest success stories of nature conservation in Germany. Hunted for a long time and almost exterminated, more than 35,000 beavers are now once again living in the Federal Republic - and the trend is rising. But how did this happen? Only rarely do you actually get to see these mostly nocturnal animals. Klaus Weißmann spent more than two years on the trail of the shy beavers and documented their spread in Germany. Which paths do they use? What dangers are they exposed to?

Director: Klaus Weißmann

From early childhood on Klaus Weissmann’s passion has been watching animals and nature. The trained biologist works as a freelance author and cameraman. Starting in 1998 he has been producing documentaries focused on nature and species, science and expeditions for German’s public service broadcasting channels. With every new project he tries to find the right mixture of ‘infotainment’ and takes a humorous approach in order to awaken his audience’s interest in animals and nature.

44 Min.
Director: Klaus Weißmann
Script: Klaus Weißmann, Wilma Kock
Cinematography: Klaus Weißmann, Wilma Kock
Editing: Stefan Schmitt
Music: Clemens Winterhalter
Narrator: Achim Buch
Editor: Monika Schäfer (NDR/ARTE), Timo Großpietsch (NDR) Christine Peters (BR), Claudia Schwab (SWR), Klaus Kunde-Neimöth (WDR)
Producer: Britta Kiesewetter (Doclights GmbH)