Ein Jahr auf Kihnu in Estland

Leben zwischen Leichtigkeit und Schwermut

Dieser Film wird am Donnerstag, 17.09.2020 hier online präsentiert.

A woman in a red-striped skirt rattles across a tiny Estonian island on an old moped with sidecar. "When you see a skirt like that, you know you are on Kihnu," says Mare. On Kihnu, 400 Estonians live according to old rules that have been shaped by women for centuries and passed on to their children. You can tell by the colours of the skirts whether the women are happy or sad. The islanders make music and dance whenever an opportunity arises.

Director: Julia Finkernagel

Germany Estonia
52 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Julia Finkernagel
Script: Julia Finkernagel
Cinematography: Michael Matz
Editing: Julia Fink
Music: u.a. vor Ort aufgenommen
Narrator: Helmut Winkelmann
Editor: MDR Christina Herßebroick
Producer: Dominic Godehardt (MDR)