Evolution im Großstadtdschungel

Unexpected findings provide a new chapter in Darwin's theory of evolution. In our cities, of all places, animals and plants adapt particularly quickly to new living conditions, often within a few decades. Researchers are amazed how nature itself transforms pollution, noise and waste into creative energy for new adaptations. The documentary accompanies research teams from the USA and Europe as they unravel the mystery of urban evolution.



Director: Martin Gronemayer

Director: Kirst Michaela

52 Min.
Director: Martin Gronemayer, Kirst Michaela
Script: Martin Gronemayer und Michaela Kirst
Cinematography: Marvin Mohr, Martin Gronemeyer, Dirk Lütter, Ruedi Abbühl
Editing: Kerry Sullivan, André Pinto
Editor: Linde Dehner, Wissen/ARTE
Producer: Iris Bettray, Jutta Pinzler Sagamedia