Georgien - Ein halbes Leben in Tuschetien

Rückkehr in die höchsten Dörfer Europas

In the remote mountainous region of Tushetia in the north-east of Georgia, life only takes place in the summer. Only when the snow has melted the pass road becomes passable. Parallel to the ascent of the mountain pastures, the Tushetians return to the villages of their ancestors to hold their traditional summer festivals. Suliko also sets off on a dramatic journey with his family. The road to Tushetia is one of the most dangerous roads in the world - but this year it is particularly expensive.




Director: Julia Finkernagel

Germany Georgia
52 Min.
Director: Julia Finkernagel
Script: Julia Finkernagel
Cinematography: Jürgen Volz
Editing: Heidi Schmitt
Music: vor Ort aufgenommen!
Narrator: verschiedene
Editor: HR Volker Koch / ARTE Valérie Théobaldt
Producer: Daniel Reitz (HR)