Life and Death in Paradise - Crocodile Odyssey

The story of an American crocodile washed up on Cuba’s shores reveals the challenges of life. Survival here requires adaptation: Over time, it has produced new species and preserved others including the bizarre venomous solenodon.

Director: Marion Pöllmann

Marion Pöllmann was born on August 26th 1966. Since August 1994, she worked as a freelance journalist specialising in documentaries about animals, ecology and travel for private and public radio and TV stations. In 1995 Marion completed practical training at Bavarian Broadcasting BR and has since continuously worked as a freelancer for BR. Between 2001 and 2005 she produced more than eleven wildlife documentaries in South America and Eastern Europe.

Germany Cuba
52 Min.
Director: Marion Pöllmann
Script: Daniela Pulverer
Cinematography: Rainer Bergomaz, Yung Sandy
Editing: Rainer Bergomaz, Birgit Sahin
Music: Florian Moser
Narrator: Christian Schult
Editor: ZDF Enterprises, Dr. Nikolas Hülbusch
Producer: Blue Paw Artists
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