Marian und die Waldrappe

Dieser Film wird am Sonntag, 20.09.2020 hier online präsentiert.

Marian loves birds, he recognizes them by their appearance or their song. At home Marian hatches chicks and raises them. Then he meets a bird that is considered extinct in Europe: the bald ibis. This was the trigger for a new passion. In a rearing project, the young birds are trained to fly over the Alps along their old routes. Marian is there when, at the end of the summer, they all take off together for their winter quarters.

Director: Bernadette Hauke

Italy Germany Austria
25 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Script: Bernadette Hauke
Cinematography: Wolfgang Rebernik
Editing: Sonja Baeger
Music: Ramon Kramer Network
Editor: Thomas Miles, Kinderkanal, Redaktion Nonfiktion
Producer: Matthias Kringe, Pangolin Doxx Film
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