Naturnah - Gesucht wird: Der Schierlings-Wasserfenchel!

The ninth Elbe depression is in full swing. A rare plant almost stopped the Hamburg project: the strictly protected "hemlock water fennel". It is the only one of its kind in the world and only found near Hamburg, on the tidal Elbe, which is shaped by the North Sea tides of low and high tide. If the destruction of the Elbe's natural banks continues as it has been, it cannot be ruled out that even the last intact tidal floodplains - including the hemlock water fennel - will be lost.

This film is part of double feature 5.

Director: Holger Vogt

born on May 9, 1955 in Flensburg, After graduating as an industrial engineer, he turned his hobby into a profession: as a freelance photographer ... specialising in reports, human interest, nature. One year in Central America, in cooperation with "stern"-correspondent Hans-Joachim Löwer, Mexico City. Publications among others in "stern"-magazine and in various books.1984 initial contacts to NDR television on the basis of photojournalism. First, features for the NDR regional programme, "Hamburger Journal" and "Freitagsmagazin", later also for "In Sachen Natur", "Extra 3" and "Panorama". From 1984 until now continuous freelance television author for NDR, for regional programmes, children's TV and 30- to 90-minute documentaries on the national channels of NDR and ARD. Main focus: Man & Nature

28 Min.
Director: Holger Vogt
Script: Holger Vogt
Producer: Simon Riedel