planet e. : Hektarweise Geld

Die europäischen Agrar-Milliarden

The EU spends more money on nothing than agriculture. Almost sixty billion euros every year. So far. But cuts are imminent. In the environmental programmes of all things. Most of the billions spent on agriculture have always been spent on direct payments to farmers. The amount depends primarily on the size of the agricultural land. Special ecological efforts are only modestly rewarded.

This film is part of double feature 2

Director: Berndt Welz

Berndt Welz was born on May 10th 1965 in Stuttgart. He studied economics in Munich and began his career in journalism at the newspaper Münchner Abendzeitung and at Focus TV. For many years, he has been producing documentaries about relevant sociel issues as well as adventure and nature themes. His work has received various awards, among them the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis, a Silver World Medal at the New York Festivals and a nomination for the Grimme-Award.

29 Min.
Director: Berndt Welz
Author: Berndt Welz
Camera: Johann Schmejkal , Oliver Kratz, Robert Dinges
Editing: Patrick Pardella
Music: Sergios Roth
Speaker: Oliver Wronka
Editor: Manfred Kessler, ZDF
Producer: Alexandre Kegler & Sigrid Beck , ZDF
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2020