planet e.: Klage für den Klimaschutz

Climate change threatens their existence. With a lawsuit, 10 families and a youth organisation now want to force the European Union to act. Maurice Feschet's lavender crop in France is increasingly being destroyed by droughts, while Sanna Vannar's reindeer in northern Sweden are no longer able to find food due to warmer temperatures. On Langeoog, entire stretches of coast are in danger. With a lawsuit, they now want to get the European Union to tighten up the climate targets.

This film is part of double feature 4.

Director: Johann Ahrends

Director: Nora Stoewer

Germany France Belgium Sweden
29 Min.
Director: Johann Ahrends, Nora Stoewer
Script: Johann Ahrends, Nora Stoewer
Cinematography: Reinhard Bettauer, Jens Enno Born
Editing: Kay-Stephan Rettig
Narrator: Oliver Preusche
Editor: Martin Ordolff, ZDF
Producer: Alexandre Kegler, Sigrid Beck, ZDF