Skandinaviens versteckte Paradiese

Scandinavia's vast nature has always fascinated people. In Swedish Lapland, powerful moose feel at home. To the east, Lake Saimaa in Finland is home to one of the rarest seal species in the world. Gotska Sandön is the most remote place in the southern island paradise of the Baltic Sea. In the west, mountains and fjords dominate the landscape. Arctic foxes live on Hallingskarvet again today. Dedicated researchers and conservationists fight daily to preserve this treasure.

Director: Anja Kindler

Sweden Norway Finland
43 Min.
Director: Anja Kindler
Script: Anja Kindler und Iris Gesang
Cinematography: Jürgen Heck und Rasmus Sievers
Editing: Hauke Ketelsen und Christian R. Timmann
Narrator: Jacob Weigert
Editor: Susanne Hillmann (ZDF) und Petra Boden (ZDF/Arte)
Producer: Kay Siering (SPIEGEL TV GmbH)
Nominations: Nordic Nature Film Award 2020