Sockeye Salmon. Red fish

Sockeye, a species of wild salmon, is born in Kamchatkan waters and spends its entire life in the Pacific Ocean. Only once does it return to fresh waters - to give offspring, start the circle of life, and die. It is an inexhaustible resource that feeds billions of people on the planet, restored every year! But soon, we may find ourselves facing the unimaginable: humans will exhaust the inexhaustible!

Director: Dmitriy Shpilenok

Graduated from Moscow State Art and Cultural University, majoring in film and TV directing. Documentary filmmaker. Lead operator of the film «Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins» (24 awards, 2018 Golden Eagle award in the category Best Documentary, Russian Geographical Society award in the category Best Media Project). Shot video for Russian and international TV channels (including BBC World). Author of projects “Priroda Show” and “I — a bear!”.

51 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Dmitriy Shpilenok
Script: Dmitriy Shpilenok
Cinematography: Dmitriy Shpilenok
Editing: Anna Sukhova
Music: Georgiy Khimoroda
Editor: Anna Sukhova
Awards: Best Independent Production 2020
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2020