The Elephant Queen

A genre redefining film starring the ultimate leading lady, Athena, an elephant matriarch who will do everything in her power to protect her family when they are forced to leave their waterhole. Told by Chiwetel Ejiofor, this epic story of love, loss and coming home is a timely love letter to a species that could be gone from our planet in a generation..

Director: Victoria Stone

Director: Mark Deeble

Kenya United Kingdom
96 Min.
Director: Victoria Stone, Mark Deeble
Script: Mark Deeble
Cinematography: Mark Deeble
Editing: David Dickie & Co-edited by Victoria Stone
Music: Alex Heffes
Narrator: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Editor: Apple
Producer: Victoria Stone & Lucinda Englehart
Awards: Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2020,
Award of the Juvenile Jury 2020
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2020,
Best Cinematography 2020,
Best Story 2020,
Best Postproduction 2020,
Award of the Juvenile Jury 2020,
Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2020
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